Sugar and Spice Bakery

Welcome to Sugar and Spice Bakery

3115 West Parker Road, Suite #550, Plano, Texas

We make it the hard way, so it’s easy to love.

About us

This charming family sweet shop opened in 2011 in the popular north Texas town of Plano. The owners, Vicki and Phil Northen, along with their son, Jeremy, operate the store themselves. With over 35 years in the bakery business, the Northens are very skilled in creating a lovely, down-home, cozy ambiance that invites their customers to “come on in and sit awhile”!

Vicki does her own baking — cookies, cakes, pies, petíts fours, cupcakes, cobblers, teacakes, and homemade fudge. Most of the recipes are originals Vicki has created from her years of baking from scratch. Real butter, real cream, whole fresh eggs, and other high-quality ingredients are the basis of the delicious creations Vicki prepares “the hard way” — just like your grandma did!

The bakery also offers freshly prepared sandwiches for lunch, as well as seasonal offerings such as homemade soup and pasta salad.

A visit to Sugar and Spice Bakery is like walking into a friend’s kitchen and being invited to stay for lunch or pie and coffee!

We look forward to your visiting soon!

Vicki, Phil, and Jeremy

How to find us

We’re in the northwest corner of the intersection of Parker Road and Independence Parkway.

And, of course, you can “find us” on Facebook, too!  

When we’re open

Our hours are:
Monday–Friday, 10am–5pm
Saturday, 10am–4pm

We’re closed on Sunday and holidays.

Baked goods


Fresh and delicious — made from scratch just for you!

Cake-of-the-month: CARROT CAKE!
. . . carrots, pineapple, cococut, and pecans,
blended in a cinnamon-spice batter and frosted with our real homemade buttercream!
8-in. two-layer round (serves 10–12): $42 each.
9-×-13-in. one-layer sheet (1/4; serves 24): $48 each.
11-×-15-in. two-layer sheet (serves 36): $68 each.

Traditional flavors available:
Double Vanilla
Double Chocolate
Red Velvet
8-in. two-layer round (serves 10–12): $36 each.
9-×-13-in. one-layer sheet (serves 24): $48 each.
9-×-13-in. two-layer sheet (serves 36): $60 each.

Decorations available:
Icing borders (two colors), sprinkles, and personalization — Complimentary.
Candy Roses and Vines: $5—10 extra (depends on cake size)
Vanilla Buttercream tinted with color: $5—10 extra (depends on cake size)
Three or more piping colors: $2 extra per color

Our cakes are moist and delicious — all made right here in our kitchen from scratch!

Due to the labor-intensive way we prepare our cakes, we don’t do drawings, copyrighted characters or designs, or fondant.


Standard size: $2.25 each
Minimum order: 1 dozen of 1 kind for special order

Mini-cupcakes: $1.50 each
Minimum order: 2 dozen of 1 kind for special order

Choose from:
Double Vanilla
Double Chocolate
Red Velvet

Petít Fours

Small (“2-bite” size): $1.95 each.
Large (“4-bite” size): $2.95 each.
Minimum 1 dozen for special order of 1 size.

Vanilla or Chocolate


We make our own pie crust!

9-in. extra-deep size: $19.95 each.

Choose from:
Southern Chess
Texas Pecan
Chocolate Pecan
Toll House
Apple Crumb
Apple Praline
Cherry Crumb

Iced Sugar Cookies

Hand-rolled, hand-cut, and decorated!

$2.50 each; minimum order 1 dozen of 1 style.

Party Foods

Available by special order ONLY; 48-hour notice required!

Food Trays
Small (12-in.; serves 12—14): $40 each.
Large (16-in.; serves 24–30): $60 each.

Choose from:

Fresh Fruit Tray (seasonal selections)
Fruit Kabobs”: $2 each (not on trays)

Fresh Veggie Tray (assorted crudites with dill dressing included)

Fiesta Dip (yummy Tex-Mex favorite 7-layer dip)
Tortilla Chips: $5 extra per tray

Cheese Ball (our own special recipe arranged on a bed of lettuce)
1 1/2-qt. size, serves 12–14: $30 each

Townhouse Crackers: $5 extra per tray


Finger Sandwiches: $24 per dozen, minimum order 1 dozen
(On a tray, add $5 per tray)
Classic Chicken Salad, Pimento Cheese, or Ham and Pineapple

Pasta Salads:
6 servings: $36

12 servings: $72

Chicken Artichoke or Italian

Classic Chicken Salad
PlumGood Chicken Salad
Traditional Tuna Salad
Egg Salad • Pimento Cheese
$12.95 per pint (2 cups)
or $25.90 per quart (4 cups)

What are some unique features of the home-style baked goods at Sugar and Spice Bakery?

  • We bake with real butter, healthy oils, fresh eggs, and — whenever possible — organic ingredients.
  • We bake from scratch, in small batches, with careful attention to every step of preparation.
  • The owner bakes our products just the way baking was done in American homes for years before the onslaught of mass production.
  • Our products come out of our oven — not out of the freezer!



Club: $8.75
Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese.

Classic Chicken Salad: $7.50
Made with pimentos and celery.

PlumGood Chicken Salad: $7.50
Made with apples, nuts, dried plums, dried pineapples, and celery.

Classic B.L.T.: $7.50

Oven-roasted Turkey: $7.50

Ham ’n’ Swiss: $7.50

Tuna Salad: $7.50

Egg Salad: $7.50

Pimento Cheese: $7.50

All sandwiches are served on your choice of 100% whole wheat or white bread, with potato chips and included garnish!
A buttery croissant is available (add $1.50).
For sandwiches that don’t already have them, tomato and cheese slices available (add 50¢ per item).

Home Specialties

Sugar and Spice Special: $9.75
Enjoy three of our delicious finger sandwiches with a fresh-fruit cup or a cup of our homemade soup!

You Select Two: $9
Select any two of these items:
Half-sandwich, cup of soup, fruit cup.
Half-sandwiches available only with this You Select Two offering.

Salad plates – $9.75 each

Classic Chicken Salad Plate

PlumGood Chicken Salad Plate

Tuna Salad Plate

Egg Salad Plate

Enjoy a scoop of any of these delicious salads served on a bed of lettuce with a fresh-fruit cup and veggie garnish!

À la carte

Homemade Soup of the Day:
Cup — $4.50
Bowl — $6
Pint — $10

Fresh-fruit Cup: $4.50

Finger Sandwiches: $2 each